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The University of Naples Federico II (with the Italian name: Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II) was established in 1224. Located in Naples, Italy, the university is supported and funded by the state and is comprised of three academic poles, which are the Human and Social Sciences; the Science and the Technologies; and Sciences and Technologies for the Life. Each academic pole is composed of its own faculties. All in all, the university has 13 faculties:
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Political Sciences
  • Law
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Letters and Philosophy
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • Economics
  • Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Veterinary Medicine

All faculties are composed of 87 departments and 26 doctorate schools. Each faculty focuses on a specific field of expertise, and has its own website and library. These facilities allow students to conduct their academic and research work thoroughly, using an array of books, journals, and archives.

There are approximately 98,700 students enrolled in the university and 7,800 teaching staff members. The university campus is divided into a winter and summer campus. The winter campus is composed of the Bardonecchia, Paganella, and Folgaria. Summer campus is comprised of the Terrasini, Muravera, Sciacca, and Lago of Caldonazzo.


The university is comprised of various facilities for the well rounded student. The university museums contain vast collections in the fields of geophysics, agrarian engineering, agrarian chemistry, petrography, entomology, agronomy, and mineralogy. Botanical gardens and herbariums also dot the university campus.

The university library is comprised of 137 pole and faculty libraries housed in different buildings all over the campus. These libraries altogether have 18,000 periodicals and 1,200,000 volumes. Students who do not have access to the main libraries can access the catalogues online, through the university library server.

A sport centre contains various training and recreational equipment used by university students and staff. Here students can do their aerobics, body building, yoga, and rhythmic gymnastic exercises. They can also practise martial arts such as tae kwondo, judo, jijuitsu, and karate. The university also has a 400-metre track-and-field course that is well-lit at night. Other outdoor sport facilities available for use are golf courses and rugby fields. There are also several indoor and outdoor basketball and tennis courts for those who want to play basketball and tennis.

Students and staff are also entitled to medical insurance. Once enrolled, they are given the privilege to visit the university's medical centre and take advantage of various types of medical treatment and counselling. Free psychological counselling is offered to students having difficulty in adjusting to university life and academic demands. Licensed counsellors provide this type of confidential assistance through weekly meetings and talks.

Each university pole has dedicated classrooms for its students. The Pole of Science and Technologies has approximately 210 classrooms, while the Human and Social Sciences Pole has 84. The Pole of Science and Technologies for the Life has 156. There are over 80 other common classrooms used by students from the different poles.

The university also holds yearly music concerts, festivals, and cultural activities.

Famous Students

The university has produced acclaimed graduates over the years. These graduates have become successful in the fields of business, science, and politics. Some of the university's notable alumni include Italian Republic president Giorgio Napolitano, Fiart Mare Spa manager Giuseppe Coccia, scientist Marco Durante, and Law and Business Administration graduate Francesco Grammatico.

Interested international students can direct their inquiries through the university's email at Interested students living abroad can email the university for queries regarding admission requirements, course offerings, student accommodation and university facilities.

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